Flood Threat Looms As Rivers Are In Spate In Bihar & Assam

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Flood Threat Looms As Rivers In Spate In Bihar & A
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, four rivers in Assam and two big rivers of Bihar are in full spate, triggering floods like situation due to incessant rains in the States.

The Central Water Commission has issued a notice that the Dasang river in Assam’s Sivasagar district is flowing above the danger mark. At 9 am, the water level of the Dasang River was measured at 94.99 meters, which is 0.53 meters above the danger mark.

The water level of another Dhansiri river is also rising, but its water level has registered a drop by 1.35 meters since 9 am. The water level of this river flowing south of Numaligarh has reached 78.77 meters at present, which is 77.42 metres more than its danger mark.

Similarly, until 9 am, the water level of the Bramhaputra river in Jorhat district was 85.82 meters which is stable at present. The Brahmaputra river is flowing at 85.04 meters to 0.78 meters above its danger mark. 

At the same time, the water level of Jiya Bharali river of Sonitpur district is also increasing. At 9 am, the water level of this river was measured 77.38 meters, which is 0.38 meters higher than its danger mark.

On the other hand, two big rivers of Bihar, Gandak and Bagmati are in full spate. Gandak river's water level in Dumariya of Gopalganj was measured at 62.32 meters, which is 0.10 meters above its danger mark. 

The Bagmati River is also flowing 0.24 meters above its danger mark. At 9 am, the water level of the Bagmati river was 53.97 meters, which is more than 53.73 meters of its danger mark.

Let us know that in July last year, the floods in both states caused great destruction. About 1.11 crore people in both states were affected by the floods in July 2019. Last year, 72.78 lakh people from 12 districts were hit by floods while in Assam, 38.37 lakh people in 18 districts were hit by floods. Hundreds of lives and houses were destroyed in the floods in both states. In Assam this year too, floods have wreaked havoc in about 10 districts, in which about four lakh people were affected and many people had died.

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