Lockdown 4.0: Over 21,000 New Cases Reported In Last Four Days, COVID-19 Cases Cross 1.18 Lakh

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Lockdown 4.0: Over 21,000 New Cases Reported In La
The Ministry of Home Affairs is increasing lockdown by lockdown but the coronavirus cases show no signs of letting off. Inversely, there has been a spike in infections with every lockdown.

In Lockdown 4.0, over 21,000 new cases and over 500 deaths have been reported in mere four days across the country.

The Union Health Ministry reported a record daily high of 6,088 cases on Thursday, pushing the country’s COVID-19 cases to 1,18,447 and the death toll past 3,500.

Till May 17 when the third phase of the Lockdown ended, 96,169 people had been infected, and as we entered into the Lockdown 4.0, the spread has been exponential.

On May 18, countrywide cases stood at 4,970, 5, 611 on May 19, 5,609 on May 20 and 21,688 on May 21. 

That is, in Lockdown 4.0, an average of over 5,000 new cases were registered each day. During lockdown 3.0, an average of 4,000 new patients was being reported every day.

Moreover, the COVID-19 deaths have also seen a rise amid Lockdown 4.0. 

Each day at least 125 people are losing their lives to the virus on an average as over 500 people died in the last four days. On Thursday, the nationwide death toll was recorded at 148.

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