Armed Assailant Opens Fire in Berlin Cafe

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Armed Assailant Opens Fire in Berlin's Cafe
There was chaos in Germany’s capital Berlin when an unknown gunman opened fire at a cafe near Checkpoint Charlie, which is one of the most famous and busiest areas of the city.

Checkpoint Charlie is popular among tourists as there is a border crossing in the Berlin wall between East and West Germany, and lakhs of people visit the spot.


A stampede took place outside a cafe here after the incident of firing. After hearing sounds of gunfire, the police have sealed off the entire area and are currently searching for the gunman.

This information was given by the Berlin Police through a tweet. The police have written in the tweet that an unknown gunman opened fire at a cafe near Checkpoint Charlie. It is not known how many people have been injured in this incident.

According to Berlin Police, this incident took place in the middle of the city, after which the entire area was cordoned off. A large number of police and security forces have been deployed at the scene. 

The police are searching houses in the neighbourhood in an effort to find the gunman. For the time being, the situation is under control and there are no reports of any casualties.

In the past few days, Berlin has become popular among tourists. Germany’s Angela Merkel government has been leading the discourse on migrants in entire Europe.

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