Russia Offers Evacuation Help To Indians From Ukraine

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Denis Alipov, Russian Ambassador-designate to India has offered to evacuate stranded Indians through routes in Russia as war rages on around Ukraine’s largest cities including capital Kyiv. “We have received India's requests for emergency evacuation of all those stuck there via Russian territory”, Mr. Alipov said. Mr. Alipov consoled the death of Indian student Naveen Shekharappa who was killed during a firing in Kharkiv. Thousands have fled to bordering countries. 

In an online press conference with the Indian media for the first time since his appointment last month, Mr Alipov said that Russia appreciated India’s nuanced stand on the war in Ukraine. He said: “India understands the depth of the crisis”. He underlined that Russia and India are strategic allies and Moscow is grateful to India for its balanced position displayed at the UN.

India along with China and the UAE had abstained from the resolution introduced to condemn Russian invasion at UN Security Council. Russia is India’s largest arms supplier and nearly half of India’s defence equipment came from Russia between 2016-2020. Defying the pressure from the US and the Western countries India had recently bought S400 air defence missile system from Moscow ignoring their suppliers.

Mr Alipov mentioned this crucial relationship in his maiden interaction. He said: “We don't foresee any obstacles as far as S-400 supply to India is concerned; have routes to continue with this deal unobstructed. Sanctions - old or new, do not interfere in any way”. 

India’s main concern currently is to evacuate Indian students stranded in Ukraine amid the war. The Ministry of External Affairs has said that out of 20000 Indians in the war-torn country, 12000 have managed to leave. Out of the remaining 8000, nearly 4000 are still stuck in areas which have come under Russian bombardment. Parents of students have appealed to the Prime Minister to evacuate the students immediately.

India has sent four ministers to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia and other neighboring countries coordinate the evacuation effort. Indian Airforce cargo planes have also been sent to bring back the Indians from these countries.

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