626 EU Lawmakers Move Resolution On CAA And J&K Clampdown

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626 EU Lawmakers Move Resolution On CAA And J&K Cl
Protests and strikes against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have been taking place across India for the past one-and-a-half months. Amid this, the issue has now reached the European Union (EU) Parliament, where 626 out of 751 members moved six resolutions on CAA and Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday.

It has been stated in the resolution that the CAA will make dangerous changes to the method of determining citizenship and this could create a large crisis in the world. The resolution has alleged that this law discriminates among people on the basis of religion and that it is against minorities

The members of the EU Parliament also said that the CAA will take away citizenship from Muslims and they will be rendered stateless. Deliberations on the resolution in the EU Parliament will take place on January 29 and voting will be held on January 30.

Meanwhile, India has objected strongly to the resolution on the CAA, saying that it is an internal matter of the country and the EU should stay away from it.

The CAA was introduced in India in December 2019, after which there have been unabating protests and strikes against it in various cities across the country.

The government of India says that the CAA does not take away anyone’s citizenship but that it has been implemented to protect those minorities who have been persecuted in neighboring countries and to provide them citizenship.

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