Employees And Kin Protest Against Air India Divestment

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Employees And Kin Protest Against Air India Divest
The Central government has announced the sale of 100% share of national carrier Air India. The last date for submission of proposals by companies planning to acquire it has been set as March 31, 2020.

It is expected that the government will declare the name of the company buying Air India by March 31. But whenever the government announces the acquisition of a company, its employees get apprehensive about their future.

The same fear has gripped 10,000 Air India employees, whose families have now been forced to take to the streets in protest against the decision to sell the national carrier.

Air India employee unions are opposing the decision to sell the airline. The families of Air India employees say that this decision of the Modi government will severely and adversely impact their lives.

Meanwhile, the government claims that employees’ interests will be kept in mind during Air India’s acquisition but Air India unions are not ready to accept this.

It is evident to everyone that there is a huge difference between government enterprises and private companies and job security is more fickle in private firms in relation to government organisations.

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