Farmers To Burn Effigies Of PM Modi, Corporates Across Country On December 5

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Farmers To Burn Effigies Of PM Modi, Corporates Ac
After the failure of talks with the Central Government on December 1, the agitation of the farmers' organisations in Delhi against the agricultural law has intensified.

Farmers groups have announced to burn the effigies of Modi government and corporate companies across the country on December 5. Farmers said that nothing is acceptable to them except the repeal of agricultural laws. For this, the government should call a special session of Parliament.

The Centre and the farmers will hold next round of talks on December 3.

Revealed their strategy in a press conference at the Singhu Border, farm leaders said that only 32 groups were invited in last talks, but on Thursday, representatives of all farmer organisations will join the conversation. And if the government does not accept their demands, then the movement will be intensified, the farmers said.

If the intention of the government is right, then it should legalise the MSP. That is, if someone buys from the farmers at less than the MSP rate, then he should be penalised.

The farmers' organisations also announced the future course of action that now the movement will intensify across the country. On December 5, in every district of the country, the effigies of the Modi Government and all the corporate companies including Ambani-Adani will be burnt, demanding to withdraw the three agricultural bills.

After this, on December 7, artists and sportspersons, who have been conferred with national honour will return their awards against the oppression on farmers. They called upon respected personalities from across the country to return their awards to the government.

Meanwhile, the farmers' organisations of several other states have joined this movement, including the Tikait faction of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, which is effective in western Uttar Pradesh. The farmers of West Uttar Pradesh have blocked the Chilla Border of Noida. The Singhu and Tikri borders are already closed in Haryana. The farmers have warned to block all the borders connecting Delhi.

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