Most Toys Turn Out To Be Toxic For Kids

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Most Toys Turn Out To Be Toxic For Kids
Children start insisting on buying toys of their choice as soon as they see them in the market and parents also give in to their demands without much thought, but it is difficult to fathom how harmful these toys can be for children’s health.

According to a recent study by the Quality Council of India (QCI), around 67% toys imported to India are harmful for children’s health. The QCI conducted chemical and mechanical examination of toys, out of which only 33% toys could pass muster.

QCI Secretary-General Dr R.P. Singh said that most toys coming into India are being tested on the basis of only one sample, which does not have a valid duration. 

QCI conducted a study of toys available in the markets of Delhi-NCR to assess their quality. It bought 121 different types of toys, including plastic toys, soft toys, wood, metal and electric toys and sent them to a National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL)-accredited lab in accordance with Indian standards.

In the test report, soft toys were found 45% deficient and electric toys were found 75% deficient, and the quantity of harmful chemicals in these toys was found to be high.

According to mechanical testing, children could suffer injuries while playing with metal toys and the toys could get stuck in their throats. Chemicals used to make children’s toys contain phthalate which can cause cancer. Apart from this, the other chemicals present in toys could cause skin problems. 

Most toys in India are sourced from China, Sri Lanka, Germany, Malaysia, America and Hong Kong.

After this test, Dr R.P. Singh said that all toys coming into India from foreign countries will first go to labs for testing. If they are found safe, only then will they be sent to markets for sale.

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