Lockdown Effect: Shortage Of Essential Items, Vegetables Prices Shoot Up

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Lockdown Effect: Shortage Of Essential Items, Vege
Shortly after the announcement of the lockdown, Home Minister Amit Shah had posted a tweet, “I assure all the citizens of the country that there will be no shortage of essential commodities in the country during the lockdown. The Central government, along with all state governments, is making sufficient efforts to ensure this. There is no need for anyone to panic. The entire nation stands together in this fight.”

However, on the very first day of the lockdown, a shortage of essential commodities is being witnessed from Delhi to Noida.

Dharmendra Rajoura works at the Bombay Fruit Mart in Khan Market. According to him, the supply of milk, bread, butter and cleaning items to the market is not normal. Traders supplying commodities told Rajoura that even they are not getting supplies.

According to Sarvesh, another Khan Market shopkeeper, as soon as the lockdown was announced, his shop saw a sudden rush of customers looking to buy vegetables. But he had to close the shop and leave because there were no vegetables.

He said that one-kilo potato is being sold for Rs 80 because there is no supply of potatoes, onions and fruits from Azadpur Mandi. Sarvesh also said that the Khan Market vegetable market has been closed.

Meanwhile, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has declared, “Vegetables, milk, fruits, medicines and other essential commodities will be delivered to your doorstep. For this, we have identified 10,000 vehicles. I appeal to you to not go to the market to buy essential items.”

Only time will tell how effective this announcement by CM Yogi will prove to be but on the very first day of the lockdown, people were seen wandering around to buy essential items in Noida’s Sector 40 and 41. 

Over here, a woman present at a Safal store near the Sanatan Dharma Temple said, “Huge crowds are reaching Safal stores because local markets are closed but all commodities are not available here. People are making do with buying those items which are available at Safal stores.” 

The woman said further, “The lockdown is understandable but what will we eat when shops do not have essential items? If milk, eggs and bread are not available, what will we feed children?”

Another person said, “The markets do not have essential commodities. We leave the house with a list of items but they are not available at shops. Therefore, we have to step out of the house again and again, because of which there is a fear of infection.”

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