Ahmedabad: Airport Authority Uses Bear Costume To Scare Away Langurs

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Ahmedabad: Airport Authority Uses Bear Costume To
A ‘bear’ has been deployed at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad for the safety of passengers. Yes, you heard it right. Along with security personnel, a ‘bear’ has also been stationed at the Ahmedabad airport terminal these days.

Passengers and airport employees were facing a lot of problems due to monkeys and baboons making their way into the airport, which is surrounded by greenery.

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The Airport Authority made many attempts to get rid of the animals, including bursting crackers, setting off loud sirens, chasing them away with sticks and other measures, but were not successful.

When the airport administration found out that baboons are scared of bears, they deployed a large ‘bear’ at the airport. However, it is not a real bear but an employee of Ahmedabad airport dressed as a bear, who is now chasing away baboons.

For the moment, this method of chasing away baboons is proving effective. The Airport Director says that for the time being, they will continue with this measure.

It is commonplace to spot baboons at the Ahmedabad airport. In April 2019, a bunch of baboons had entered the operations area of the airport, due to which 10 flights were delayed and two flights had to be diverted.

According to rules, flights are not given permission to land if an animal enters the operational area.

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