COVID-19 State-Wise Data: Delhi Climbs To Third Spot, Maharashtra On Top With 62,228 Cases

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COVID-19 State-Wise Data: Delhi Climbs To Third Sp
With record 7,796 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, India cases have mounted to 173,763 and the death toll is at 4,971. According to Health Ministry data at 8 am on Saturday, there are 86,422 active cases and 82,369 people have recovered.

At 2,098, the highest number of deaths in the country were reported in Maharashtra, where 62,228 cases have come to light and 26,997 people have recovered too. Tamil Nadu is the second worst-affected state with 20,246 cases, 154 deaths and 11,313 recoveries, followed by Gujarat.

In Gujarat, 980 people have died so far, while 8,611 people have been discharged and the total number of patients is 15,934.

Delhi, for the second straight day, breached the 1000 mark of daily COVID-19 count, taking the state total to 17,386 cases. While the state has reported 398 deaths, 7,846 patients have recovered.

In Madhya Pradesh, there have been 334 deaths. The total number of patients here is 7,645 and 4,269 patients have been discharged. 

In West Bengal, 302 people have lost their lives so far. While 1,775 people have recovered here, 4,813 people have contracted the coronavirus.

There have been 198 deaths in Uttar Pradesh. Over here, 7,287 cases have been reported and 4,244 patients have recovered.

In Rajasthan, 184 people have lost their lives so far. While 5,244 people have recovered here, 8,365 people have contracted the coronavirus.

In Telangana, 71 people have lost their lives so far. While 2,425 people have contracted the virus, 1,381 people have recovered.

In Andhra Pradesh, there have been 60 deaths. The total number of patients here is 3,436 and 2,226 patients have been discharged.

In Karnataka, 48 people have died, with 2,781 cases and 894 recoveries have been reported.

There have been 42 deaths in Punjab. While 1,949 people have recovered here, the total number of patients is 2,197.

In Jammu and Kashmir, 28 people have lost their lives so far. While 875 people have recovered, 2,164 people have contracted the illness.

Haryana has reported 19 deaths, 940 recoveries and 1,721 coronavirus cases.

Bihar COVID-19 deaths are at 15, recoveries at 1,211 and cases at 3,376.

In Kerala, there have been 8 deaths, 565 recoveries and 1,150 cases.

Odisha has registered 7 deaths, 887 recoveries and 1,723 cases.

Himachal Pradesh has reported five deaths, with 295 cases and 87 recoveries.

There have been five deaths in Uttarakhand and Jharkhand. Total cases stand at 716 in Uttarakhand and 511 in Jharkhand whereas 102 in Uttarakhand and 216 in Jharkhand have been discharged.

Four COVID-19 deaths have been registered in Assam and Chandigarh. While there are 1,024 cases in Assam and 289 in Chandigarh, recoveries stand at 125 in Assam and 189 in Chandigarh respectively.

Besides, Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh has reported one death each.

The coronavirus has hit 33 states and union territories across the country so far and the number of patients is increasing rapidly.

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