Farmers Demand Fair Compensation For Ayodhya Airport Land

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Farmers Demand Fair Compensation Of Ayodhya Airpor
Farmers in Dharampur village of Ayodhya are tense as tracts of land there are likely to be acquired during the expansion of the proposed Shri Ram Airport. 

These farmers have now opened a front against the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh against the proposed Shri Ram Airport. They are saying that the government should either give them fair compensation or refrain from taking away their land.

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These farmers also say that while farmers in Janaura are getting a compensation of Rs 75 lakh per ‘bigha’, the government has said that Dharampur farmers will get just Rs 8 lakh per ‘bigha’, which is unfair.

Meanwhile, some farmers in Dharampur say that the government had earlier offered four times the market value for their land and also promised government jobs to them.

Now, farmers feel cheated because of the attitude of the government and the administration. The government is acquiring land for the airport but is not offering the same compensation as given to farmers in Janaura, Nandapur and Gunja. Farmers’ land in Dharampur is the same size as that of farmers in other villages.

On one hand, while UP’s Yogi government is talking of implementing several schemes for farmers who have been suffering crop losses, along with other cultural and religious schemes for ‘Ram Nagri’ Ayodhya, on the other hand, instead of paying attention to farmers who are worried about losing their homes, it is pushing its own agenda, and in view of the situation, the difficulties faced by farmers are increasing.

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