Farmers’ Protest: All Parties, Including Congress, Unite In Support Of Farmers, BJP Isolated

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farmers protest
Lakhs of farmers have marched to Delhi under the leadership of more than 500 farmer organisations for the last three days against the agricultural laws enacted by the central government. Braving tear gas, lathicharge and clashes with the police, the farmers have reached the Delhi border and are staging strong protests. The farmers have made a clear announcement that they will not back down until the central government withdraws the agricultural laws. All the parties, including the Congress, are in support of the farmers and the BJP seems to be politically isolated.

The stand of the Congress party is very aggressive on this issue, which helped sustain the farmers' movement in Punjab for more than two months. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has been consistently vocal on the issue of farmers, while Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Modi government, saying the PM’s arrogance has made soldiers stand against the farmers.

Meanwhile, a video of Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu is also going viral, in which he criticised the central government through poetry.

He said, “there should be a national debate whether the central government’s revenue or income from people’s taxes are utilised to benefit  0.1% Corporate India”.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi tweeted a photo of an elderly farmer facing the police and wrote. “Look at the country's system under the BJP rule. When the billionaires friends of BJP come to Delhi, they get red-carpet welcome. But when farmers come to Delhi, roads are being dug, she said.

Not only the Congress, the Left parties are also strongly involved in this movement. Farm outfits linked with leftist parties are also among the organisers of this movement. Left activists across the country are out on the road in support of farmers. On the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party, which is running the government in Delhi, is also supporting the farmers from Punjab to Delhi.

From Samajwadi Party to Rashtriya Janata Dal, all are with the farmers. Other regional parties are also supporting the issue of farmers. However, the BJP seems to be isolated on this issue. Especially when the Indian Farmers Association linked with the BJP, has also supported the farmers' movement.

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