Health Clinic For Transgenders In Kolkata Earns Widespread Praise

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First Clinic For Transgenders Opened In Kolkata
The first clinic for transgenders, named ‘Antar’, has been opened in Kolkata to make good health accessible for this community.

Bijoya Das, apart from being a transgender, is also a nurse by profession. While serving others, Das never thought what people are thinking about her or how they are looking at her. But on falling ill, she had to definitely think about where to go for treatment and whether to go to a doctor at all.

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But now, transgenders like Bijoya will not have to wonder about which doctor to consult on falling sick. ‘Antar’, a special clinic for transgenders has been opened for the first time in Kolkata, where they can easily get treatment. 

Bijoya says that transgenders had to often face discrimination during treatment and even the government does not pay any attention to them. Only claims and promises are made and later forgotten.

Monica, Director of American Centre, says that work has been ongoing on this project for the past three years so transgenders can get access to good health. This clinic is a joint project of the U.S. Consulate and Peerless Hospital.

Transgender activist Ranjita says that this is a historic day in the community’s view. They face discrimination everywhere in society. On taking ill, they had to worry about getting treatment but the ‘Antar’ clinic has ended this prejudice. The government only makes claims and promises to transgenders and then forgets about it. 

Expecting the government to help them with everything and then those expectations not being fulfilled does not seem right anymore. The transgender community in Kolkata has proved that if you decide to achieve something, then nothing is small or inconsequential.