Freak Rains Cause Widespread Damage To Potato Crop In UP

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Freak Rains Cause Widespread Damage To Potato Crop
The Khandauli area of Uttar Pradesh’s Agra is very famous for its potatoes. Potatoes grown here are even exported to other countries.

However, after the sudden strong winds, rainfall and hailstorm in many areas of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday evening, farmers have suffered huge losses and about 20% of their potato and mustard crop has been destroyed. Due to the rainfall, several tonnes of potatoes lying in fields have also begun rotting.

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But farmers reached their fields as soon as rainfall stopped and began removing mud from potatoes since mud causes potatoes to rot quickly. Accursed to incur the menace caused by stray animals, Khandauli farmers say that the unseasonal rainfall has dealt a second blow to them.

It was sunny on Saturday afternoon but the weather changed suddenly around 5 p.m. and by 6 p.m., it had begun raining. Along with the rain, hailstorm continued for around 10 minutes.

While people in urban areas were enjoying the hailstorm, farmers in rural areas were a worried lot.

Apart from Khandauli in Agra, rainfall and hailstorm was experienced in Fatehabad, Shamsabad, Kirawali and Fatehpur Sikri as well and farmers there suffered major damage to their crops.

According to the Met Office, the weather could remain volatile till March 5 and is expected to clear from March 6 onward.

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