Govt Bans Export Of All Ventilators, Sanitisers

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Govt Bans Export Of All Ventilators, Sanitisers
The Central government has banned the export of all types of ventilators and sanitisers. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has taken this decision on Tuesday in wake of the worsening situation related to the coronavirus in the country.

According to the government order, there will now be a ban on sending all types of ventilators, respiratory machines and oxygen therapy machines outside India. The export of all types of sanitisers has also been banned.

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The aim is to meet the growing demand for these two items in the country.

Compared to other types of flu, coronavirus patients have difficulty in breathing and given this, ventilators and respiratory machines are very essential for treatment.

Sanitisers are also very important in the fight against the coronavirus because it is possible to prevent this disease by keeping hands clean.

Due to these reasons, the demand for these two items has risen sharply in the country. Due to the high demand, hoarding and black-marketing has also increased.

Amid this, the government has aimed at stabilising the demand for these two items by banning their export.

Earlier, the government had banned masks and some types of ventilators on March 19 as well. However, at that time, the government had been criticised for the delay in its response.

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