North East Indians Face Racism Over Coronavirus

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North East Indians Face Racism Over Coronavirus
Several instances of North-East Indians facing racism and discrimination have surfaced across Indian cities due to Coronavirus after which the Home Ministry issued a strict advisory against the perpetrators. 

Showing sternness in view of this discrimination against people from the north-east, the Ministry has ordered state governments to speed up action in such cases and not to spare the guilty.

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While on one hand, the nation is uniting against the coronavirus, on the other hand, some people are associating people from the north-east with this disease and targeting them.

Several videos are coming to light in many parts of the country where people from the north-east have been victims of racist comments, discrimination and untouchability.

Many such incidents are being continuously shared on social media and people are also rising up against them.

The most shameful case is from capital Delhi’s Vijay Nagar area, where a man shouted ‘corona!’ at a woman from Manipur, then spat on her and ran away.

Later, this 20-year-old woman filed a police complaint, after which an inquiry is in progress. After this incident came to light, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal condemned it and asked the police to nab the culprit.

However, apart from Delhi, such incidents have come to the fore in other states as well.

Indian Idol winner Cheng said that two bikers in Mumbai called him ‘coronavirus’ and ran away. Later, he wrote on his Twitter handle that although he feels saddened by such comments, he is 100% Indian.

Meanwhile, some girls from the north-east in Gujarat were asked to vacate their home by their landlord only because he believed that they were coronavirus patients.

However, police officers assured the girls that they cannot be asked to vacate the home through such discrimination and the police is with them.

People from the north-east were targeted in West Bengal too and pressure is building on them to vacate their homes.

In response, several people from the north-east are posting videos on social media and saying that at a time when the entire world is joining forces in the fight against the coronavirus, discrimination against them is unfortunate.

They said that although these comments are disheartening, they cannot shake their faith in the nation.

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