India Art Fair 2020 Kicks Off In Delhi

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India Art Fair 2020 Kicks Off In Delhi
If you are fond of music and art, you will experience a different kind of joy at Delhi’s India Art Fair, which has begun from January 30. There is a lot on offer for people interested in art at this fest, which will go on till February 2.

Along with traditional and contemporary art, exhibitors from India and abroad have arrived here with their fabulous artworks. This art fair, which gives a platform to artists from India and abroad, is also focussing on regional folk art. This will ensure that artists from small towns can showcase their talent in front of people and make a name for themselves not just in India but abroad too.

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Delhi residents can see several art galleries at one time at this fair. This time, the Art Fair has been modelled in such a way that people who arrive here with their families can enjoy taking selfies at corners decorated with various themes. People can also enjoy delicious food and beverages here.