Jessica Lal Murder Case: Manu Sharma Released Three Years Early From Jail

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Jessica Lal Murder Case: Manu Sharma Released Thre

Delhi's famous Jessica Lal murder convict Manu Sharma was released from jail even before the completion of the sentence. Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Anil Baijal, approved the sentence review board and ordered his release. Manu Sharma spent 14 years in jail and was released on the basis of good behaviour.

Jessica Lal used to work in a pub in Mehrauli but was shot and killed in the pub on the night of 29 April 1999. Manu Sharma was accused of the murder of Jessica Lal. But after the trial that lasted for seven years, the court acquitted Manu Sharma.

The court’s decision sparked anger among the people. The agitation erupted to get Jessica's killer behind bars in Delhi. Slogans such as “Justice for Jessica” and “No One Killed Jessica” had become a symbol of the movement, led by Jessica's sister Sabrina Lal. The effect of this was that the Delhi High Court overturned the trial court and convicted Manu Sharma and sentenced him to life imprisonment. In 2010, the Supreme Court also upheld the conviction of Manu Sharma.

Manu Sharma belongs to a well-known family in Haryana. His father Vinod Lal Sharma has been a Union Minister of Congress. Sharma's family is associated with many media institutions, hotels, and real estate businesses. It is believed that Manu Sharma got the benefit of wealth and political influence in this case. He got out on parole several times. Once, he was also accused of assault in the club during his parole period.

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