Kashmiri Embroidery Making Rajouri Women Self-Dependent

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Kashmiri Embroidery Making Rajouri Women Self-Depe
Some women in Jammu’s Rajouri have found a reason to smile after a long time and that is because they have taken the first step towards their destination. The joy of approaching their success and being able to achieve something is making them elated.

People have been facing various difficulties after the special status of Jammu and Kashmir ended on August 5, 2019. Problems have cropped up for women and girls especially. While some had to leave their studies mid-way, others are afraid of studying further. No one knows when or how the situation will change.

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Amid this, a handicraft centre has been started in Rajouri with the aim of providing employment to women. Here, women can learn Kashmiri embroidery and get a means of employment while still being at home. This will make them self-dependent and they will find a way to augment their family’s income.

Women from Rajouri and neighbouring villages are coming here for training and they say that they like it a lot. They also say that such centres should be opened everywhere so that more and more women can learn embroidery and become self-sufficient.

Nasim Ahmed, who trains the women/girls, said that women/girls do their work with a lot of diligence but since there is just one centre, some women are unable to come for training. Therefore, more such centres should be started in Rajouri and nearby villages.

Meanwhile, an official said that their aim is not just to train the women in embroidery and stitching but to bring to the fore their latent talent so that they can do anything they want in life.  

The government might say that normalcy has returned to Jammu and Kashmir, but it is evident that the situation is not completely normal even now.

Amid this, the courage displayed by these women in stepping out and their desire to achieve something in life is praiseworthy.

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