Kerala's Adam Harry Set To Become India's First Transgender Pilot

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Adam Harry
Adam Harry, a Kerala resident, is going to become India’s first transgender pilot. Harry will complete a course in aviation and obtain a pilot’s licence with the assistance of the Transgender Board of Justice and through financial help from the Kerala government. 

In India, no transgender has been issued this licence till now.

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Adam Harry will soon be India’s first transgender commercial pilot. His dream of flying a plane is soon going to turn into reality. The Kerala government has decided to give Harry, aged 20, a sum of Rs 23 lakh to pursue training for a commercial pilot’s licence.

Harry says he wants to set an example for the country’s transgender community, so that people like him are inspired to fulfill their dreams.

At the age of 19, when Harry’s family found out about his transgender identity, they tried to keep him under house arrest, after which he went into depression.

Then, a transgender activist in Ernakulam suggested that Harry should seek the help of the Transgender Board of Justice to pursue further education. He then got the approval for a scholarship and now, he is going to complete a course in aviation from UP’s Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University.

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