Maharashtra Tops In Drug Usage, Says NCRB Data For 2018

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Maharashtra Tops In Drug Usage, Says NCRB Data For
An indication of the extent to which the drug trade has made inroads in the country comes from the latest figures of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), which reveal a frightening reality of drugs in India.

According to NCRB figures, 63,137 cases of drug smuggling and drug abuse were registered across the country in 2018. This figure is marginally lower than the year 2017, when 65,436 cases were registered.

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While the largest number of cases of drug smuggling came to light in Punjab, Maharashtra emerged first in drug abuse.

If these figures are broken down into state-wise statistics, the highest number of cases of drug abuse - 11,708 - were registered in Maharashtra. Whereas in Kerala 8,095, in Punjab 5,925, in Uttar Pradesh 4,032, in Tamil Nadu 1,578, in Haryana 1,487 and in Madhya Pradesh 793 cases came to light. In simple terms, these states are the worst-affected by the drug menace.

As regards drug smuggling, the highest number of such cases - 5,729 - came to light in the border state of Punjab. Whereas in Uttar Pradesh 4,789, in Tamil Nadu 2,139, in West Bengal 1,226, in Rajasthan 1,203, in Haryana 1,100, in Madhya Pradesh 1,081 and in Himachal Pradesh 931 cases were registered.

The lowest number of cases related to drugs in the country were in Sikkim, where only seven cases were registered. Whereas in Nagaland 66, in Meghalaya 81, in Gujarat 150 and in Mizoram 164 cases came to light.

It is evident from these figures that a segment of the new generation is caught in the web of drug abuse, and this is being exploited by drug smugglers and drug peddlers. The need of the hour is for the government to make a nationwide strategy to deal with this malaise.