Only 12,000 Of 2 Lakh Refugees In India Seeking Asylum

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Only 12,000 Of 2 Lakh Refugees In India Seeking As
India has been thrown into turmoil over the Citizenship Amendment Act which grants citizenship to religious minorities from neighbouring countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but the United Nations data shows that the problem of refugees in India is not that significant.

According to UNHRC statistics, out of 2 lakh refugees in India, only 12,000 are actually asylum-seekers.

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At the same time, the number of refugees in Pakistan is 1.5 million and 26 lakh in Afghanistan.

The Central Government has said that there has always been a tradition in the country to give shelter to the people and Pakistan should not interfere in internal affairs.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has slammed the present government over the Citizenship Act, calling the law “discriminatory” and has expressed concern over the violent protests against it, and the wild use of police force to quell them.

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