Protests By Migrants Break Out In Surat Again, Over 60 Detained

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Protests By Migrants Break Out In Surat Again, Ove
Migrant labourers in Gujarat’s Surat are protesting time and again demanding to go back home. In the latest incident, hundreds of labourers demanding they be sent to their home states, took out a march in Surat’s Hazira Industrial Area.

According to D.N. Patel, Joint Commissioner, Surat Police, around 500-1,000 labourers gathered at the spot around 8.00 am. They wanted to be sent back to their respective home states.

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Police force was used to disperse them and 55-60 labourers have been arrested, he said.

Migrant labourers in Surat have been holding protests repeatedly demanding that they be sent home and police force is being used to keep them under control.

Labourers have protested at least six times in Surat so far.

Earlier, on May 4, police had resorted to baton charge on labourers protesting in the city’s Kadodara area. Over here, tear gas shells were fired and stone-pelting also took place.

After this, labourers flared up and breakage was reported.

According to Surat Police, the situation has been brought under control but currently, tension prevails in the entire area.

Surat is Gujarat’s industrial city and thousands of migrant labourers work in its textile and diamond industries.

However, factories are shut due to the lockdown and labourers have no means of even satiating their hunger. This is why most labourers want to return to their home states.

On April 28, hundreds of labourers had pelted stones at a diamond company’s office alleging that they are being made to work forcibly and their condition is like that of bonded labourers.

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