Rajasthan Political Crisis: Sachin Pilot Says 'Not Joining BJP'

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Rajasthan Political Crisis: Sachin Pilot Says Not
After being sacked as Rajasthan Deputy CM and State Congress President, Sachin Pilot has made it clear that he will not join the BJP, Pilot said in a conversation with news agency ANI.

Pilot's statement is a big blow to BJP because Ashok Gehlot's government has become unstable after his open rebellion and BJP was dreaming of forming government in Rajasthan, along the same lines as Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

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It is not clear what the next decision of Sachin Pilot will be after being excluded from the Congress. There is also speculation that Sachin Pilot may form his own party as the Gujjar and Meena communities of the state are considered to be the main support base.

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