Virus Turns Into Boon For Gujarat Tile Industry

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Virus Turns Into Boon For Gujarat Tile Industry
Although the coronavirus outbreak has caused upheaval in the world economy, its heaviest blow has been dealt to the Chinese Economy. China is unable to export several of its products and this is directly benefiting industries and businesses in other countries, among which is Gujarat’s tile industry.

Gujarat’s Morbi district is the epicentre of tile production in India and with the spread of the coronavirus, orders here have seen a jump of 15-20%. There are around 400 tile units in Morbi and 80% of the country’s tiles are produced here. According to data, 2.8 million square metres of tiles are produced daily in the factories of Morbi.

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India is the second-largest producer of tiles in the world after China, which is ranked first. The maximum quantity of tiles is produced in China’s Guangdong province but its exports have been negatively-impacted due to the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, traders in Morbi believe that if this crisis continues in China for a long time then there could be a huge spike in their orders.

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