Micro-Movements Of Change - The Power Of Convergence

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Development Alternatives
Work 4 Progress (W4P) India aims to create a culture of entrepreneurship in regions of Bundelkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It adopts a social innovation methodology in which it listens to the community through dialogue, finds answers through co-creation, prototypes solutions and shares learnings to eventually create impact at scale.

Through this valuable learning, people are getting benefited in rural areas. One such person is Taramani, a local vermillion container manufacturer in Vindyachal. His success story from a daily wager to a successful entrepreneur is inspiring many in his area. Today, he is creating employment opportunities and setting an example for others on how to converge available resources and get the best out of them.

Taramani's Story - The Power Of Convergence

This story is about a micro movement that is building a robust support system for accelerating the development of profitable enterprises. It started with the setting up of a regional platform for converging resources and connecting small businesses with service providers such as financial institutions, market aggregators and training institutions.

When W4P prototypes start challenging the status quo in communities, they become ‘micro movements’ to accelerate shifts in relationships, resource flows, local processes, attitudes and behaviour. In the past few months, such micro movements have created conditions for self-sustaining systemic change.

Work 4 Progress (W4P) accelerates the creation of employment opportunities in three countries of the global south – India, Mozambique and Peru. In India, Development Alternatives and its partners aim to create sustainable livelihoods for youth and women in rural communities through systemic solutions to unleash entrepreneurship. The international program is supported by la Caixa Foundation of Spain. 

JOBS WEWANT 2019 is a platform to co-create systemic solutions that unleash entrepreneurship to secure sustainable livelihoods at scale. GoMedia is the media partner for the event. For more details click here

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