Huawei VP: “6G Will Enable Us To Come Off The Device”

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Hey China
In an exclusive interview with Hey China, Bill Genovese, VP Corporate Strategy at Huawei, speaks at length about the plans of China’s biggest tech firm for new financial services and products, the company’s global 5G leadership ambitions, the next-generation wireless technology, what a 6G world could look like and more.

Huawei, Chinese telecom giant and the world's second-largest smartphone maker, has become the flashpoint in the U.S.-China trade war and is barred from doing business with the US suppliers.

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Mr. Genovese made remarks on such topics as the global prospects of Huawei, the quantum leap of 6G from 5G, among other issues.

The interview also covers his viewpoint on the following aspects : 

  • If Huawei can become a major global fintech player 
  • While 5G deployment is underway around the globe: when is 6G coming? How fast will it be? And what would 6G actually mean?
  • Why Huawei has no plans for an IPO at the moment
Watch Full Interview of Mr. Genovese by Hey China: