Slovenian PM Declares Country Coronavirus-Free, 1st European Country To Do So

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Slovenian PM Declares Country Coronavirus-Free, 1s
The coronavirus contagion is giving sleepless nights to the world’s most powerful nations but amid this, one European country has become free of this viral disease.

Janez Janša, the Prime Minister of Slovenia, a European Union member country, made this announcement.

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Addressing the nation’s Parliament, PM Janša said, “Slovenia has been confronting the (coronavirus) pandemic for the last two months. This is not a common pandemic but the situation in Slovenia is better than in other European countries and the coronavirus has been brought under control.”

Slovenia had imposed the lockdown since March 15 but now a majority of restrictions have been removed. It is believed that Slovenia could banish the coronavirus only through proper implementation of the lockdown. 

The population of Slovenia is around 21 lakh and the country shares its borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, only 1,465 cases of the contagion came to light here and 103 people died. Only 35 new cases were found in the last 14 days and one death was registered.

However, despite being free of the coronavirus, citizens have been asked to wear masks in public places for the next few months. People will also have to observe physical distancing and it will be necessary to sanitise their hands.

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