This Bakrid, Goats Being Sold Online Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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This Bakrid, Goats Being Sold Online Amid COVID-19
The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people worship and celebrate festivals. 

Ahead of Bakrid, goats are being sold online amid the fear of COVID-19 spread through the crowd at the market.

MP’s Indore has suffered the worst of Coronavirus, so there is still a lot of caution and for that reason, this Bakrid, goats are being sold online in Indore.

In Indore, people associated with the business upload pictures of the goats and related information on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It is interesting that through these platforms, businessmen are also getting customers.

According to businessman Arif Khan, he has formed a group on WhatsApp which includes both the customer and the seller. Arif told that the link of this WhatsApp is available for free and anyone can become its member. In this group, every vendor takes pictures, videos and price of their goats in turn.

The group member who likes the goat contacts the seller and goes to check the goat and make a deal. Customers do not even have to meet the goat owner.

Arif Khan said that the demand for goats is low because of the lockdown, the prices of goats have dropped by more than 30% due to the pandemic. Every year, the rates used to be around Rs 20,000 to 25,000, this time the range is between Rs 8,000-15,000.

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