Trump Likely To Raise Issue Of Religious Freedom With PM Modi: White House

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Trump To Raise Issue Of Religious Freedom With PM
During his visit to India next week, US President Donald Trump will raise the issue of religious freedom with PM Modi, the White House said on Friday, noting that the US has great respect for India’s democratic traditions and institutions.

Replying to a question on whether President Trump plans to speak to PM Modi on the contentious CAA or NRC, a senior White House official said: "President Trump will talk about our shared tradition of democracy and religious freedom both in his public remarks and then certainly in private. He will raise these issues, particularly the religious freedom issue, which is extremely important to this administration.”

The CAA offers amnesty to the persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

"We do have this shared commitment to upholding our universal values, the rule of law. We have great respect for India's democratic traditions and institutions, and we will continue to encourage India to uphold those traditions," the official said, adding that the US is concerned with some of the issues that have been raised.

"I think the President will talk about these issues in his meetings with Prime Minister Modi and note that the world is looking to India to continue to uphold its democratic traditions, respect for religious minorities," the official said.

"Of course, it's in the Indian Constitution — religious freedom, respect for religious minorities, and equal treatment of all religions. So this is something that is important to the President and I'm sure it will come up," said the official.

"In fact, it's the birthplace of four major world religions," the official said. "Prime Minister Modi, in his first speech after winning the election last year, talked about how he would prioritise being inclusive of India's religious minorities. And, certainly, the world looks to India to maintain religious liberty and equal treatment for all under the rule of law," the official added.

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