Diesel Price Hiked Four Times In Five Days

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Diesel Price Hiked Four Times In Five Days
Oil companies on Friday once again increased diesel prices by 17 paise, while leaving petrol prices unchanged.

In the last 5 days, the price of diesel has been increased four times and during this period diesel has become expensive by 57 paise. Oil companies increased 16 paise on Sunday, 11 paise on Monday and 13 paise on Wednesday and 17 paise on Friday. After the increased prices, the cost of diesel in Delhi is Rs 81.35 per litre. Earlier in June, oil companies had raised the prices of petrol and diesel for 23 consecutive days.

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After the new rates were introduced, diesel cost Rs 81.35 in Delhi, Rs 79.56 in Mumbai, Rs 78.37 in Chennai, Rs 78.23 in Patna, Rs 77.31 in Bangalore, Rs 76.49 in Kolkata, Rs 73.29 in Noida and Rs 73.19 in Lucknow.

Whereas, petrol is at Rs 87.19 per litre in Mumbai, Rs 83.63 in Chennai, Rs 83.31 in Patna, Rs 83.04 in Bangalore, Rs 82.10 in Kolkata, Rs 81.08 in Noida, Rs 80.98 in Lucknow and Rs 80.43 in Delhi.

Keeping the petrol stable, now the oil companies have started continuously increasing the price of diesel, whereas in 2013 when the UPA government was at the Centre, diesel was Rs 30 per litre cheaper than petrol. The general public is directly affected by the increase in diesel. Diesel consumption is rampant from farming to the transportation of food items.

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