Fisherfolk Stage Protest In Pamban, Tamil Nadu

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fisherfolk in Tamil Nadu
Fisherfolk in Tamilnadu’s Pamban town have declared that they will sit on a hunger strike on October 11. The hunger strike by the fisherfolk is for the release of 18 Indian fisherfolk detained in Sri Lanka.

Several fisherfolk’s works have been affected due to a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Tamil Nadu’s Mahabalipuram on October 11.

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On October 11, during his two-day visit to India, Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu along with PM Modi, due to which security has been beefed up in areas near and around Mahabalipuram and preparations are on in full swing. Since one week, in areas around Mahabalipuram, fisherfolk have been stopped from going fishing in the sea. 

Meanwhile, in Pamban town, which lies just a few hours away from Mahabalipuram, fisherfolk have announced that they will be sitting on a hunger strike on October 11.

Fisherfolk have decided to sit on the hunger strike to petition the cause of the release of 18 Indian fishermen detained in Sri Lanka. They say that the government should formulate a policy by which innocent fisherfolk detained in other nations are released as soon as possible.

On October 4, while out fishing, 18 Indian fisherfolk had reached Sri Lankan waters due to strong winds and high tides. Despite several appeals to the government, they have still not been brought back to India.

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