Hundreds Of Fish Found Dead In Coimbatore's Valankulam Lake

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Dead Fish
After hundreds of dead fish were found in Coimbatore’s Valankulam, it is becoming difficult for residents to venture there. People living here have complained to the Municipal Corporation as well but no action of any kind has been taken in this matter till now.

These fish floating on water are from Valankulam Lake in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore. Thousands of fish have been found dead due to the water of the lake turning poisonous.

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Residents said that suddenly they found dead fish floating in the lake one after the other.

People asked the Municipal Corporation to take out the dead fish from the lake and clean the lake, but till now, no employee from the civic body has arrived at the lake.

Angry residents say that there is no way for them to venture towards the lake. They say that there is a foul smell in the entire area due to the dead fish and they are worried about the spread of diseases.

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