Karnataka Row: Muslim Girls Forced To Remove Hijab After Court's Denial Of Interim Relief

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Karnataka High Court, hijab row
The Karnataka High Court will hear the case of the hijab restriction at Karnataka's PU colleges and schools for the fifth time today. In the state, schools up to class X were opened earlier on Monday. The school authorities did not allow Muslim girl students to enter the school/classroom wearing hijab because the High Court refused to grant temporary relief until the verdict is issued.  

Many institutions made it clear to Muslim female students that if they wanted to enter the class, they had to remove their hijab beforehand. According to reports from several sources, Muslim female students were denied access to the school because they did not remove their hijab.


Teachers at the Rotary Educational Society school in Mandya instructed female students to remove their hijab before entering the campus. Before entering college, many faculty and staff were asked to remove their hijab or burqa. Many parents asked teachers to allow female students to attend lectures before the hijab was removed. 

The situation was identical at Belagavi's government-run Sardar High School. Muslim girls were also advised to remove their burqa and hijab at the school gate by the teachers and administration.


More than 30 female students in Kodagu district were denied access to classes and sent home after refusing to remove their hijabs. Two girl students in class 10 and class 9 at a KPS school in Shimogga district refused to remove their hijab, and as a result, they were barred from attending the school. 

According to education department authorities in the Udupi district, pre-university girl students were barred from entering lectures with hijabs in various government colleges last month. Muslim girls who arrived at Udupi schools wearing hijab had them removed before entering the school, according to officials.

On Monday, the government pre-university college for women in Udupi remained closed, as did other PU and degree colleges in the region. The Karnataka government stated that colleges would be closed on February 15 and 16. Muslim female students in North Karnataka, on the other hand, had no such issues. The school administrators here allowed female students to wear hijabs in class. 

The Karnataka High Court will hear the case again today, February 15. The court hearing will begin at 2:30 p.m. On February 14, the court heard arguments about Article 25(1) and (2), attempting to determine if the government had broken the rules of this article.

The petitioner's counsel, Devdutt Kamat, claimed in the High Court that the state government had broken the rules of Article 25. The government, he adds, feels that wearing the hijab is not protected by Article 25, but lawyer Kamat contends that this is completely incorrect. 

It is up to the government, not the school or college, to decide whether or not female students should wear the hijab. He maintained that public order is the government's responsibility and that only the government can create rules about it.

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