Meet 94-Year-Old Sweet Maker From Chandigarh

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Meet 94-Year-Old Sweet Maker From Chandigarh
It’s said that if you make a resolve, nothing is impossible. An example of this is a woman in Punjab, who started a business selling sweets at the ripe old age of 90.

Ninety-four-year-old Harbhajan Kaur from Chandigarh makes besan barfis with her own hands and tries to fulfil her wishes by means of good taste. Four years ago, she sold some sweets and brought home her life’s first earnings from it. Today, Harbhajan Kaur’s delicious besan barfis sell like hot cakes in Chandigarh’s weekly organic market.

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Kaur’s story of becoming a businessperson began four years ago, when her daughter asked her if there is some wish of hers that is still unfulfilled. To which, Kaur answered that she regrets not having earned a single paisa on her own in her entire life.

This affected her daughter deeply and she decided to make her mother’s wish come true.

Soon, Kaur started making besan barfis by hand and her daughter began selling them in the nearby organic market. People liked the taste of the sweets and the business gained momentum. Now, Kaur wants to take her skills to the next level and so, many more delectable items are being prepared in her kitchen.

Kaur learnt to make the besan barfis which set her off on this unique journey at this stage of her life, from her father. Kaur is a stellar example for all those people who want to fulfil their incomplete wishes, no matter what their age.

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