Srinagar: Handouts For 'Hangul' Deers Amid Heavy Snowfall

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Srinagar: Handouts For 'Hangul' Deers Amid Heavy S
Wildlife lovers and Forest Department officials are making arrangements to feed the Hangul - a rare deer species - in Srinagar’s Dachigam National Park amid continuous snowfall, so that they don’t have to venture out in search of food.

A thick layer of snow has accumulated in the Dachigam National Park due to unabating snowfall in the past few days, because of which animals are unable to get proper food, and so, some wildlife lovers are reaching the Park with food items for the Hangul deer.

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They say that they begin making arrangements for their food days in advance, so that the deer do not face any kind of trouble.

Nazir Malik, Forest Ranger, says that each year, during snowfall, arrangements are made to feed the Hangul and other animals, so that they do not have to step outside the Park in search of food. The population of the Hangul deer is less anyway and it is found only in Dachigam. To ensure that no harm comes to them from venturing outside, food material for them is arranged within the Park. 

While on one hand, some wildlife lovers are taking along food for the Hangul deer, on the other hand, some wildlife scientists say that this is wrong because Dachigam is not a zoo but a sanctuary, where the Hangul know how to adapt to every season.