SC's Decision To Conduct NEET, JEE Exams May Impact Over 30 Million Students

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SC's Decision To Conduct NEET, JEE Exams May Impac
The Supreme Court has upheld the UGC circular of July 6 that the students cannot be promoted without taking final year examination while hearing the case of university final year exams during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The SC said that if a state decides not to conduct examination due to the current situation, then it can “approach the UGC to seek an extension of the deadline”.

The court said that under the Disaster Management Act, states can postpone exams in view of pandemic and must set new dates in consultation with the UGC, but states cannot promote students without University final year exams.

A three-judge bench comprising Justices Ashok Bhushan, R Subhash Reddy and MR Shah, while delivering the verdict, said it was a matter related to the future of the students and they also have the responsibility to maintain the standards of higher education in the country.

Advocate Alakh Alok Srivastava appeared on behalf of the students in this case.

The SC’s approval of the UGC circular to conduct the examination by September 30 means that now all the final year students have to sit for the exam.

A look at the figures of students enrolled in higher education in the country shows that the future of millions of students is associated with it. According to Human Resource Development's 'All India Survey on Higher Education 2015-2016' report, a total of 3,45,84,781 students in the country enrolled for higher education that year. Of these, 79.3 percent i.e., 20,74,20,450 students had taken undergraduate courses while 11.3 percent i.e., 39 million students had taken admission in post graduation.

At the same time, 1,26,451 students were admitted to PhD level, out of which 5,753 students got enrolled in integrated PhD. At the same time, at the diploma level, 7.4 percent i.e. 25,500 students enrolled in teacher training, nursing and technical training.

This means that even though many state governments and a large number of students are against the examinations during the Coronavirus period, the central government has decided that academic year will not be allowed to go vacant and students will have to sit the exam.

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