Rising Theft Cases, Delhi Police Most Laggard In Recovering Stolen Property

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Rising Theft Cases, Delhi Police Most Laggard In R
Latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show that the number of thefts in the country has been increasing year after year. In 2017, as many as 5,89,058 thefts were reported and 6,25,441 thefts in 2018, while 6,75,916 theft cases were registered in 2019.

A total of 1,861 thefts were committed per day in 2018, i.e., 77 thefts every hour and more than one theft per minute. While the total property worth Rs 4,719 crore was stolen in 2018. Statistics also show that the capital Delhi is the biggest den of thieves with 2,45,985 theft cases reported in 2019 and Delhi Police is also the most laggard police in the country when it comes to nabbing them and recovering stolen property.

In 2019, out of Rs 865.2 crore worth of stolen property, the Delhi Police were able to recover only 10.2% of them. In Maharashtra, a total of 96,517,855 thefts were committed last year and property worth Rs 977 crore was stolen, of them 28.7% was recovered. In Uttar Pradesh, 50,197 theft cases were reported and property worth Rs 279.9 crore was stolen, of them 35% was recovered.

In Bihar, 34,971 thefts were reported and property worth Rs 106.2 crore was stolen, of them only 24.1% was recovered. In Madhya Pradesh, 29,270 cases of theft were register and property worth of Rs 180.2 crore was stolen, of them 39.9% was recovered. Whereas Assam has reported 16,478 theft cases and stolen property worth Rs 106.2 crore while 24% was recovered. In Gujarat, 14,282 theft cases were reported, and property worth Rs 202.6 crore was stolen while 27.8% was recovered.

Tamil Nadu Police has the best recovery rate for recovering property in the country. The state has 15,684 cases of theft, and Rs 172.7 crore of stolen property but Tamil Nadu Police recovered 68.7% of them.

It is evident that the increase in the number of theft incidents in the country year after year indicates a dangerous trend. It is clear that people are stepping into the world of crime more than before.

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