Heavy Rain Batters UP, Hyderabad & Pune, Over 70 Dead

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Heavy rain
Relentless rainfall has led to the deaths of more than 70 people in U.P., Hyderabad and Pune till now. Many houses have collapsed in the rains. In U.P’s Prayagraj, people are finding it hard to move around due to waterlogged streets.

More than 200 houses have collapsed due to rains in Amethi. In Ayodhya’s Rudauli, around 140 houses have collapsed, in which thousands of people have been injured. People say that due to rains, dirty water is flowing on roads. The roads are not visible due to waterlogging in potholes and vehicles are falling into them. There are traffic jams on roads, due to which moving around is proving difficult.

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This rainfall has started battering many parts of the country in the past few days and is still ongoing. It is difficult to say how much more destruction this rainfall will cause before it is finally over for good.

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